Local food package

Hämsa Tavern’s local food package consists of:
Welcoming table: Hämsa hostess’ schnaps with apples and sour milk cheese
Warm dish: Hämsa’s smoked ribs and smoked duck fillet, with bacon, sour milk cheese potatoes and steamed vegetables on the side, local bread with cheese-garlic butter

Seminary package

Hämsa Holiday Estate is a wonderful place for sparking new ideas! Here you can expand your knowledge, create leading ideas and recharge your creative batteries.

Smoke sauna package

A cozy place for spending time with family, friends of colleagues, it’s possible to visit both a traditional Estonian smoke sauna or a more modern Finnish sauna at Hämsaare Holiday Estate.

Jubilee package

Hämsa tavern’s jubilee package includes a welcoming table with sparkling wine and fruit platter, a warm dish of roasted chicken and pork with oven potatoes and vegetables and a traditional Estonian cold buffet.

Catering package

Hämsaare Holiday Estate offers catering and services you on birthdays, weddings, firm parties, seminaries, meetings, funerals and more