Hämsa Tavern’s local food package consists of:

Welcoming table: Hämsa hostess’ schnaps with apples and sour milk cheese

Warm dish: Hämsa’s smoked ribs and smoked duck fillet, with bacon, sour milk cheese potatoes and steamed vegetables on the side, local bread with cheese-garlic butter

Cold buffet:
Sour milk cheese with salted cucumber
Scones with smoked ham butter
Fried potatoes with herring foam
Hämsa rolls
Quail eggs with minced meat filling
Smoked pig tongue with horseradish foam
Marinated pork
Baltic herring in marinade
Smoked pig tails, ears
Mushrooms, pickles
Groat salad with smoked ham

Dessert: House cake with tea or coffee

Warm dishes are served to the table on platters

Package price for one person: 20€